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Hospitality Cares is a non-profit organization that targets hospitality professionals who have experienced misfortune through either a job loss or a housing/medical condition. By collecting money and volunteer time, the organization will give these worthy individuals hope for the future.

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Pie in the Face Challenge


Everyone loves a pie in the face. Everyone.

So, we created a challenge to raise awareness of our organization so we can continue to support our industry professionals in need! Toss a pie at your spouse, your boss, your kids, your partner, or your crazy spin instructor! Just be sure to mention @hospitalitycares and tag us on social! Like every challenge that has passed through the internet, this is open to everyone and you must nominate another after you complete the challenge to keep it going and spread the word!


What We Do

Program Activities

We further our purposes under this program by conducting the following activities:

Qualification Process

Accept submissions of potential candidates for our donations.

Raise Funds

Raise funds for


Our mission is to distribute charitable funds to worthy individuals.

Event planning

Plan, produce and execute events to raise sponsorship funds and foster networking in the hospitality industry.


Acknowledge individual who have been supportive of our events and those recipients of our funds.

Job Support/Placement

For those who are out of work and needing assistance to financially support themselves.

Volunteer for

Hospitality Cares

If you would like to volunteer,
please contact us