Other Ways to Give

Donate FF&E/OS&E:

Furnishings, Lighting, Floor Coverings, Accessories, etc.

Does your company manufacturer FF&E or OS&E or provide services to the hospitality industry?  Send us a description of your item(s) and photos.  We will take care of the rest!

Donate Technology:

Computers, Laptops, Smart Phones, Monitors, Web Cameras, etc.

Many people use work technology and don’t have sufficient devices at home. After someone is furloughed or let go they are at a disadvantage to stay connected and look for additional work. Furthermore, with changing work environments many companies do not have a use for all their current technology and are possibly downsizing or upgrading old technology.  We welcome your donations of working technology. 

Donate Points (Airlines/Hotels):

Almost all airlines and hotels allow gifting of miles.  Hospitality Cares will bank these miles as grants/distributions to worthy individuals.  It’s another way we can help our community by purchasing a flight with miles, a hotel when they need to travel for a job interview or visit a loved one for example. In many cases the points can be redeemed for merchandise and subscriptions.

Donate Gift Cards/Certificates:

Everyone has these cards lying around.  Donate unused, unwanted gift cards and certificates and we will make sure they get to someone in need!

Other Ideas: We welcome your ideas! We can facilitate a donation of any goods and services including: cars, boats, planes, anything of value that is unwanted.

For more information about donating noncash items, please contact Michael Schneider: michael@hospitalitycares.org or +1 212-404-6936

For more information on deductions of noncash charitable contributions: https://www.irs.gov/forms-pubs/about-form-8283

Check out our Donors – the generous people and companies who help make anything possible and provide hope to many who have fallen on hard times!

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