Pie in the Face Challenge



Everyone loves a pie in the face. Everyone.

So, we created a challenge to raise awareness of our organization so we can continue to support our industry professionals in need! Toss a pie at your spouse, your boss, your kids, your partner, or your crazy spin instructor! Just be sure to mention @hospitalitycares and tag us on social! Like every challenge that has passed through the internet, this is open to everyone and you must nominate another after you complete the challenge to keep it going and spread the word!

Up for the challenge? Here’s how!

  1.  VIDEO: This can be done on your Instagram as a Story or a Feed Post. Just be sure to tag @hospitalitycares and save it so we can share too! Without a tag we can’t repost and spread the laughs! Don’t have an Instagram? Share on Facebook, or LinkedIn and tag us! 
  2. MENTION: Tell everyone in your video that it is our goal at Hospitality Cares to raise awareness through this challenge so we can reach more hospitality design professionals in need. Direct viewers to our website for more information on applications for grants, ways to donate, and news.
  3. ENCOURAGE : Keep the pie train going! Nominate folks to participate and encourage your viewers to start their own chain of pie tossing and nominating all in the name of Hospitality Cares! Tag your viewers in the posting so they are notified. 
  4. PERSONALIZE: Put your own twist on the challenge! Laughter is the best medicine during these difficult times. But remember not to use a soundtrack – Instagram will remove your video due to copyright laws!

Heather Scott

Q: How did this get started?

A: “The executive board of HC asked me to create a virtual fundraising events committee as we knew the number of unemployed hospitality design professionals was increasing quickly and we wanted to be able to help as many people as possible. I thought the pie competition would be a way to not only raise awareness about HC but to bring some lighthearted fun into our community. The more pies we toss, the more people learn about us, the more funds we can raise, and the more hospitality design professionals we can help. My fellow volunteers on the committee, Cori Walthers, Jason Goldberg, and I, have really enjoyed watching our outreach grow!”
-Heather Scott


Michael Schneider

Kathryn Pol

Cori Walthers

Tori Kennedy

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