2020 Superheroes!

The generous people and companies listed below make anything possible and provide hope to many who have fallen on hard times.

Diamond - $5,000+

Michael Schneider, NEXT Events

Platinum - $1,000+

Bob Couri, Innovative Carpets

Michael Handler, Valley Forge

Mitch Zerg, MZA

Neil Aberman, The Stone Resource

Gold - $500+


Glenn Neugarten, Mirror Image

Mark LeClair

Mitch Parker, The Parker Company

Rob Mayer, Decolav Hospitality

Silver - $250+

David Condoluto, Brand Standard

Deborah Lloyd Forrest

Heather Scott, Studio Proof Collection

Kathryn Poll, Benjamin West

Lee Szromba, Light Annex

Peter Welch, Continental Contractors

Site Northeast USA

Stephen Perkins, HotelStudio

Bronze - $100+

CLIC Conference

David Benz, Vaughan Benz

Darren Crystal

ELA Sales

Jan Baron Shames, Zenith Rugs 

Rameshbhai J Patel

Marjorie Waldman, The Stroud Group

Scott Rickles & Tracy-Leigh Mahan

Tiffany Cooper